Company Equus Anima was founded in 2015 by two veterinary doctors, Nauris and Dana Laizans. But it all started long before in 2008, with an electrical teeth rasp, that was presented to Nauris and Dana, when they, as 5th year students, completed their externship in a private equine clinic in Finland. Therefore, the first service they provided was teeth rasping, first to their own, then to friend’s horses, and gradually the base of clients and services expanded.

Soon after their graduation in 2009, came the first portable x-ray and ultrasound machines, that enabled new diagnostic opportunities. Step by step, starting from self-employed veterinarians, company Equus Anima – “Soul of the Horse” - had developed.

Now our team is bigger and together we are a group of horse enthusiasts, who strive to continue our education and develop our skills. Our main goal is to take care of horses' health and quality of life.

The best is yet to come!